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Welcome to My Herbs Magazine

My Herbs magazine in Whole Foods Market, Vienna, VA. Ales Vodicka, publisher.

Welcome to My Herbs, the one and only magazine for your natural health and happiness. In each and every issue you will find  great advice and tips from the wonderful world of herbs to help you make  the most of the season. 

My Herbs magazine is a special quarterly print publication  for anyone who is interested in alternative cooking, home grown herbs,  and traditional or complementary medicine or healing methods, simply  put, My Herbs is for everyone who wants to live in harmony with nature.

My Herbs magazine is available in the USA in Whole Foods  Market stores or Barnes & Noble bookstores. Also available in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,  Germany, Belgium and in 19 other countries around the world: ✭ USA ✭ CANADA ✭ UK ✭ AUSTRALIA ✭ NEW ZEALAND ✭ BAHRAIN ✭ BELGIUM ✭  BRAZIL ✭ CHINA ✭ CYPRUS ✭ CZECH REPUBLIC ✭ GERMANY ✭ GREECE ✭ HONG KONG ✭  ICELAND ✭ ITALY ✭ JORDAN ✭ MALAYSIA ✭ MALTA ✭ PORTUGAL ✭ SINGAPORE ✭  SPAIN ✭ TAIWAN ✭

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Our Mission


Our  mission is to help other people to learn more about their food and  lifestyle and where there is room for improvement. All of us together  with herbalists, doctors and experts, do our best to create a perfect  magazine to help you find better ways to live. With herbs, with respect  for nature and with a sustainable relationship with Mother Earth.

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Inside Every Issue:

– Tasty (and easy!) whole food recipes
– Get to know herbs – and what they can do for you!
– DIY projects to enhance your beauty and health
– Weight loss tips and tricks that really work
– Series about the healing properties of cannabis
– And so much MORE! 

Schedule: April 15 – July 15 – October 15 – January 15 

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